class council.contexts.ScorerContext(store: AgentContextStore, execution_context: ExecutionContext, budget: Budget)[source]#

Bases: ContextBase

represents a context used by a ScorerBase

property budget: Budget#

the budget

property chat_history: ChatHistory#

the chat history

static empty() ScorerContext[source]#

helper function that creates a new empty instance

For test purpose only.

execution_log_to_dict() Dict[str, Any]#

returns the execution log as a dictionary

execution_log_to_json() str#

returns the execution as a JSON string

static from_context(context: ContextBase, monitored: Monitored, budget: Budget | None = None) ScorerContext[source]#

creates a new instance from the given context, adjusting the execution appropriately

property iteration_count: int#

the number of iteration for this execution

property log_entry: ExecutionLogEntry#

the log entry

new_for(monitored: Monitored) ScorerContext[source]#

returns a new instance for the given object, adjusting the execution context appropriately

new_log_entry(monitored: Monitored) ExecutionLogEntry#

creates a new log entry from this context