Source code for council.skills.python

import itertools
from typing import List, Optional

from .python_code_generation_skill import PythonCodeGenerationSkill
from .python_code_verification_skill import PythonCodeVerificationSkill
from .python_code_execution_skill import PythonCodeExecutionSkill
from council.contexts import ChainContext
from council.runners import RunnerBase, DoWhile, If, Sequential

[docs] def build_code_generation_loop( code_generation: PythonCodeGenerationSkill, verification: Optional[PythonCodeVerificationSkill] = None, execution: Optional[PythonCodeExecutionSkill] = None, max_iteration: int = 10, ) -> RunnerBase: """ Helper function to build a python code generation loop, running the code generation skill until it successfully pass the verification and execution. Args: code_generation (PythonCodeGenerationSkill): skill to generate the python code verification (Optional[PythonCodeVerificationSkill]): optional static code verification skill execution (Optional[PythonCodeExecutionSkill]): optional code execution skill max_iteration (int): the maximum number of iteration for the generation/correction loop Returns: RunnerBase: """ def while_predicate(context: ChainContext) -> bool: error_messages = filter(lambda m: m.is_error, context.messages) count = sum(1 for _ in itertools.islice(error_messages, max_iteration)) last_message = context.last_message return last_message is not None and last_message.is_error and count < max_iteration def is_ok(context: ChainContext) -> bool: return context.last_message is not None and context.last_message.is_ok sequence: List[RunnerBase] = [code_generation] if verification is not None: sequence.append(If(is_ok, verification)) if execution is not None: sequence.append(If(is_ok, execution)) return DoWhile(while_predicate, Sequential(*sequence))