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import json

from council.contexts import ChatMessage, SkillContext
from .google_context import GoogleSearchEngine
from .. import SkillBase

[docs] class GoogleSearchSkill(SkillBase): """ A skill that performs a Google search. Notes: * GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable needs to be set * GOOGLE_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID environment variable needs to be set """ def __init__(self, nb_results=5): super().__init__("gsearch") = GoogleSearchEngine.from_env() self.nb_results = nb_results
[docs] def execute(self, context: SkillContext) -> ChatMessage: prompt = context.chat_history.try_last_user_message.unwrap("no user message") resp =, nb_results=self.nb_results) response_count = len(resp) if response_count > 0: return self.build_success_message( f"{self._name} {response_count} responses for {prompt.message}", json.dumps([r.dict() for r in resp]) ) return self.build_error_message("no response")