Source code for council.contexts._skill_context

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Any, Iterable

from council.utils import Option
from ._agent_context_store import AgentContextStore
from ._budget import Budget
from ._chain_context import ChainContext
from ._chat_message import ChatMessage
from ._execution_context import ExecutionContext

[docs] class IterationContext: """ Provides context information when running inside a loop. """ def __init__(self, index: int, value: Any) -> None: self._index = index self._value = value @property def index(self) -> int: """ Returns the index of the current iteration Returns: int: """ return self._index @property def value(self) -> Any: """ Returns the value for the current iteration Returns: Any: """ return self._value @staticmethod def empty() -> Option["IterationContext"]: return Option.none() @staticmethod def new(index: int, value: Any) -> Option["IterationContext"]: return Option.some(IterationContext(index, value))
[docs] class SkillContext(ChainContext): """ Class representing the execution context of a :class:`.SkillBase`. """ def __init__( self, store: AgentContextStore, execution_context: ExecutionContext, name: str, budget: Budget, messages: Iterable[ChatMessage], iteration: Option[IterationContext], ) -> None: super().__init__(store, execution_context, name, budget, messages) self._iteration = iteration @property def iteration(self) -> Option[IterationContext]: """ The iteration context, if any. Returns: Option[IterationContext]: Some iteration context, if any, else :meth:`.Option.none` """ return self._iteration @staticmethod def from_chain_context(context: ChainContext, iteration: Option[IterationContext]) -> SkillContext: return SkillContext( context._store, context._execution_context, context._name, context.budget, context.current.messages, iteration, )