Source code for council.contexts._scorer_context

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Optional

from ._agent_context_store import AgentContextStore
from ._budget import Budget, InfiniteBudget
from ._chat_history import ChatHistory
from ._context_base import ContextBase
from ._execution_context import ExecutionContext
from ._monitored import Monitored

[docs] class ScorerContext(ContextBase): """ represents a context used by a :class:`~council.scorer.ScorerBase` """ def __init__(self, store: AgentContextStore, execution_context: ExecutionContext, budget: Budget): super().__init__(store, execution_context, budget)
[docs] @staticmethod def from_context(context: ContextBase, monitored: Monitored, budget: Optional[Budget] = None) -> ScorerContext: """ creates a new instance from the given context, adjusting the execution appropriately """ return ScorerContext(context._store, context._execution_context.new_for(monitored), budget or context._budget)
[docs] @staticmethod def empty() -> ScorerContext: """ helper function that creates a new empty instance For test purpose only. """ return ScorerContext(AgentContextStore(ChatHistory()), ExecutionContext(), InfiniteBudget())
[docs] def new_for(self, monitored: Monitored) -> ScorerContext: """ returns a new instance for the given object, adjusting the execution context appropriately """ return self.from_context(self, monitored)