Source code for council.filters.basic_filter

from typing import List, Optional

from council.contexts import AgentContext, ScoredChatMessage
from council.filters import FilterBase

[docs] class BasicFilter(FilterBase): """ a basic filter that filters messages based on a score threshold. """
[docs] def __init__(self, score_threshold: Optional[float] = None, top_k: Optional[int] = None) -> None: """ Args: score_threshold: minimum score value for a message to be kept top_k: maximum number of messages to be kept """ super().__init__() self._score_threshold = score_threshold self._top_k = top_k
def _execute(self, context: AgentContext) -> List[ScoredChatMessage]: filtered = self._filter(context) if self._top_k is not None and self._top_k > 0: return filtered[: self._top_k] return filtered def _filter(self, context: AgentContext) -> List[ScoredChatMessage]: all_eval_results = context.evaluation if all_eval_results is None: return [] if self._score_threshold is not None: filtered = [x for x in all_eval_results if x.score >= self._score_threshold] return list(filtered) return list(all_eval_results)